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Lo Pro
Add a slash of color and style to your cymbal tops. Our new line of machined aluminum cymbal toppers that offer lower, cleaner lines to any kit with function and style. They quickly spin on and off and the extended nub on the bottom locks in with the cymbal sleeve to stay tight while you rock out! Add a slash of color and style to your cymbal tops. They are offered in red, blue, gold and silver and at only $20 for a 4/pack you can't go wrong!

Our cymbal nuts were designed with style and function in mind. These CNC machined, solid aluminum pieces will draw looks from fellow musicians and give your kit a look of “coolness” that no other nut offers! A deep threaded design will ensure that they do not strip out. Will fit most 8mm cymbal stands.


These Aaron Edgar signature series cymbal toppers are bad ass and not for the faint of heart! These puppies will however give your kit an edgy look like no other topper will. They also come with a lock nut for each piece which is especially awesome for those who like their cymbals underhung. They come in packs of 3 and fit 8mm stands.

$15.00 + $5.00 shipping. If you purchase two, second is $15.00 shipping included!.